Laura Lynn Neil

current email:
permanent email: weezyl@BIFF.NET
Mailing address and phone number available upon request.


August 1988 - May 1993
University of Texas at Austin - Austin, Texas.
BA in Oriental Languages and Literatures with Chinese specialization.
August 1994 - August 1995
University of North Texas - Denton, Texas.
15 hours towards an MA in History, with a concentration in Chinese history. Current GPA: 3.6
August 1996 - undetermined
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Urbana, Illinois.
Continuing work on an MA in Chinese Language and Culture.


February 1996-Present
University of Michigan Information Technology Division - Ann Arbor, MI
Computing Consultant, Campus Computing Sites

Processing requests from faculty and staff for computer classrooms at the University as well as directing requests for software additions to the course software server on campus. These tasks include scheduling classes, continuous email contact with faculty and staff, responding to problem reports, fielding inquries about Campus Computing Sites, clerical work, creating spreadsheets, and various other office duties.

March 1994-July 1994
University of Texas - Austin, TX
Lab Assistant, Residence Housing Division

Answering user questions, diagnosing problems with both Apple and IBM computers, assisting users in the user of software such as word processors and Internet applications, and coping with laser and dot matrix printers. Other duties included logging users in and out of the labs, collecting and accounting for laserprinter charges, and general supervision of the lab on an individual basis.

August 1993-March 1994
University of Texas - Austin, TX
Caterer, Texas Union Catering

Delivering, arranging, and clearing functions on campus for organizations and departments. Operating a large van around a crowded campus. Waiting on tables. Creatively decorating rooms and tables for events, as well as organizing materials needed prior to events. Heavy lifting, moving, and cleaning were also part of the everyday duties.

May-August, 1990-1992
Foodland Grocery Stores - Austin, TX
Cashier, Cameron Road Foodland Franchise

Handling large amounts of cash and food stamps during shift, and accounting for income at the end of the shift. Duties also included processing and accounting for WIC vouchers in the customer service office, taking in money orders, cashing checks, and creating sales signs for the store.

Special Skills:

Language skills:
Fluent in English, proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, French.
Office skills:
Excellent written English, familiarity with computers, typing speed at 65 wpm, pleasant phone manner.
Computer applications
Previous experience with Macintosh and IBM platforms, as well as various types of printers. Familiarity with word processing programs such as NisusWriter, MS Word 6.0 and 5.1, WordPerfect, and MacWrite. Also experienced with Excel and Aldus Freehand. Basic familiarity with Unix. Considerably fluent in Internet applications, such as web browsers, HTML, email programs and editors, newsreaders, and telnet programs.
Other attributes:
Comfortable with organizing events for groups of people; experienced in setting up and gathering support/participation for volunteer projects and social functions.

Personal declaration of goals in employment:

The goal I expect to achieve in any workplace is to learn new skills while refining skills that I already possess. Education, whether it be by formal academic methods or by simply learning from different people around me, is my foremost goal. Through learning and using what I've learned in the past, I am able to contribute actively and effectively to the improvement of the community of the workplace and the community at large.

References will be made available on request.

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