Christo Wilson
Current Students

I have the honor of working with many talented students at Northeastern. I am currently advising several Phd students:

I am also collaborating with several of Alan Mislove's students:

Prospective Students

Are you thinking of applying to grad school? Are you interested in social networks, network science, security and privacy, or algorithmic society? If so, then you should apply to Northeastern! Northeastern has world-class faculty in these areas and the program is expanding rapidly.

Information for Prospective PhD Students

I am always looking for excellent students, particularly those who exhibit a willingness to learn, creativity, deep thinking, and a strong competitive drive. Unfortunately, I am unable to respond to most of the unsolicited email I receive from prospective students. If you are truly interested in working with me, the best thing to do is read my papers, and then write me a brief email explaining: 1) which papers you like and why, 2) why you want to get a PhD, and 3) what problems you are interested in working on.

Keep in mind that my research focuses on measuring the Web, personalization and algorithmic society, online social networks, and security/privacy. If you aren't interested in those areas, I am not the right advisor for you.

Lastly, it's important to note that you do not need a Masters degree to be admitted to most PhD programs in the US. This is true for Northeastern as well.

Information for Masters Students at NEU

If you are already enrolled as a Masters student at NEU, and you are interested in working with me, your best course of action is to take my class. Students who excel in class and actively participate have the best chance of working with me.

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