RSH Client for Windows Vista and Windows 7

This is my port of netkit rsh for Windows.   Tested and working under Vista Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter.
Built with MinGW.   Source included with the binary.

03/25/2011 Latest version .. Fixed bug with hostname lookup)

One of the more frustrating things you'll discover when you upgrade from XP to Vista or Windows 7 is that rsh.exe is gone.
Copying the executable from an XP machine doesn't work either.

Why was it removed?  Well it wasn't, not entirely at least...  Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate have an optional Subsystem for Unix-based Applications (SUA) which contain rsh as well as other tools, but only those versions.    However if you bought a new laptop or desktop system, chances are it didn't come with Enterprise or Ultimate,  but more likely Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, or Vista Business (or a similarly named Windows 7 variant).    Evidently, connecting to an rsh server on a linux box isnt something someone at Home or at a Business should do, but only if you're in an Enterprise or reached the Ultimate spending limits of your bank account..  :)

Freeware native (non cygwin) GNU unix utilities for windows can also be found at and

Bryan Chafy