CD Builder (cdb)

What is it?

CD builder is a CD cue sheet and subcode generating tool for Linux/UNIX.  Its goal is to generate subcodes for DAO and raw mode capable CD-R drives. 
It is based on GTK.


Dead for now. I last touched it in early 1999. Most of the GUI is complete. If you want to work on it, please do. It needs thread support and an upgrade to the latest GTK. I wrote the waveform display widget myself, usefull for other audio-mixing applications.

The current version is 0.07.

NOTE: This version works with GTK 1.1.x. It will not work with 1.0.x and and 1.2.x.

Here's some screenshots (from 0.06/0.07).


Get the latest source or the latest binary (Linux ELF, Based on GTK 1.0.x.)

Usefull links about CD's. (specs, subcode info, other software)