Funny TinyURLs is a great way to turn your ginormous URLs, like p.x=300&mqmap.y=75&mapdata=%252bKZmeiIh6N%252bI gpXRP3bylMaN0O4z8OOUkZWYe7NRH6ldDN96YFTIUmSH3Q6 OzE5XVqcuc5zb%252fY5wy1MZwTnT2pu%252bNMjOjsHjvN lygTRMzqazPStrN%252f1YzA0oWEWLwkHdhVHeG9sG6cMrf XNJKHY6fML4o6Nb0SeQm75ET9jAjKelrmqBCNta%252bsKC 9n8jslz%252fo188N4g3BvAJYuzx8J8r%252f1fPFWkPYg% 252bT9Su5KoQ9YpNSj%252bmo0h0aEK%252bofj3f6vCP
Into nice, little, manageable URLs, like
The TinyURL that I (just now) generated for this page is

Each time the site creates a new Tiny URL, it assigns it a (probably) random string of 1-5 characters, which may, at some points, come out as a string that actually means something. I, with the help of a few friends, have compiled a list of those particular ones where the string may have some interesting connection to the site that it links to!

Find some more and send them in to me! Just go to your browser's address bar and type in "" then some (probably 3-5 letter) word, and see what comes up. If it's a good one, send it in to Or, of course, you could just send it over AIM to BaruMonkey.

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