Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings

Yoda Gandalf
Emperor Sauron
Anakin Good Saruman1
Darth Vader Bad Saruman
Boba Fett Wormtongue
Obi Wan Bilbo
The Force The Ring
Jar Jar Gollum2
Luke Frodo
Leia Sam
Han Solo Aragorn
Chewbacca Gimli
Queen Amidala Arwen
Quai Gon Jinn Galadriel
Mace Windu Elrond
C-3PO Merry
R2-D2 Pippin
Admiral Akbar Haldir
Biggs Boromir
Wedge Faramir
Rancor Cave Troll
Stormtroopers Orcs
Rebel Force Men
Clones Elves
Ewoks Dwarves
Tauntauns Horses of Rohan
AT-AT Walkers Oliphaunts
Sith Ringwraiths
Jabba the Hut Legolas3
1 Turn bad later
2 Messa preciousses!
3 Unique, no map in other movie

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Lord of the Rings; synopsis

Frodo Baggins is an orphan living with his uncle
the remote wilderness of the shire.

He is rescued from boredom by wise, bearded Gandalf, who turns
out to be a wizard.

Gandalf reveals to Frodo that Frodo's uncle was also a ringbearer, and
was the best puzzle solver he had ever seen.

Frodo is also instructed in how not to use the Ring as he too
trains to become a ringbearer.

Frodo has many adventures in Middle-Earth and makes new friends
such as Aragorn and Arwen.

In the course of these adventures he distiguishes himself as a top...
well... he isn't really good at anything, I'll skip this part.

Frodo also sees off the threat of Sauron, who we now know
murdered millions.

In the finale, Frodo and his new friends save the world.

All of this will be set to an orchestral score.

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