Lecture Notes


CS4410/6410: Compilers
Spring 2013

Problem Set 5: Mapping MLish to Scish

Due Wednesday, 13 Mar 2013, 11:59pm


The goal of this problem set is to learn more about building a front-end for a modern language such as ML that supports polymorphism and type-inference. In particular, your job is to build a type-inference routine for MLish, a subset of ML, and then to map MLish programs down to Scish (so they can be interpreted by the Scish interpreter or if you're really brave, compiled to Cish and then down to Mips code.)


Download the assignment as a zip file. You will find all of the files needed for this assignment in your directory.

The file README contains more detailed directions about what you need to do. In particular, you will be modifying the files mlish_type_check.ml and mlish_compile.ml to complete the parts that are missing.

Submitting your work

When you have completed the assignment, zip up your ps5 directory as ps5-lastname1-lastname2 and email it to 4401staff at ccs.neu.edu.