Alec Heller

I'm a Ph.D student in my third year in the Programming Languages Research Lab at Northeastern, with Riccardo Pucella. I started my undergraduate career as a Jazz Piano major at Oberlin College, and ended up a Computer Scientist instead. Now, lacking a piano, I find myself playing more guitar and bass, as they fit in my apartment.


Recently, I have been working on a simplified type system for Session Types. I'm generally interested in different ways of expressing static properties of programs both to humans and other programs, such as type systems, algebraic specifications, and anything else I can come up with.


Over the summer of 2007, Jesse Tov and I developed Caml Shcaml, a library for orchestrating UNIX shell tasks in OCaml for the OCaml Summer Project sponsored by Jane Street Capital.


This semester, I'm teaching CSU101, Computer Science and its Applications. The course page for my section may be found here. I have TA'd the following courses:


Alec Heller
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