RALPH » Gene Set Enrichment Analysis

Presenter: Tanya Cashorali
Sponsor:Zak Kohane, Director of Children's Hospital Informatics Program
Presentation date: Nov. 8th, 2006


My presentation will be based on a field of research called Bioinformatics - the integration of Biology and Computer Science. My research involved analyzing the genetic data of Huntington's Disease, Autism, Asthma, and Brain Tumors. I will give a slight background on each of these diseases. I will then discuss the methods I used (Gene Set Enrichment Analysis, R, Perl scripting, and many other open source bioinformatics tools). Finally, I will wrap up by discussing the biologically relevant conclusions I was able to make about the control samples vs. disease samples. All of this amazingly, can be done without ever working in a wet lab. There is a vast amount of biological information in public databases just waiting to be analyzed by people with quantitative skills.