The Research Activity Leaders' Presentation Hour is an event held once a semester by Northeastern University's Gamma Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon to showcase undergraduate research at the College of Computer and Information Science.

The last RALPH was on 31 March 2010.

If you are interested in giving a short presentation on your project, please, see the instructions below.

The Spring 2007 event took place on April 4th.

The Fall 2006 event took place on November 8th and was a lot of fun. A brief synopsis of each submission is available below. Presentation slides will be posted as soon as we have them.

Because this event is intended to promote undergraduate research at CCIS, we strongly encourage professors and researchers looking for project assistants to attend. Professors may give a brief presentation outlining the nature of the research if they so wish. Please email the officers at upe-officers@ccs.neu.edu for more information.

Food will be provided for all attendees. Presenters will be awarded small thank-yous, probably in the form of gift certificates.

Submitting a Proposal

Students wishing to present at RALPH must submit a one-page proposal to our review board. Proposals should include the title of the presentation, a description of the research, and a brief outline of the presentation. All proposals must be accompanied by a brief note from the research supervisor (a professor, Systems staff person, or a co-op employer) endorsing the proposal.

Please note that the next RALPH event is currently scheduled for 31st March 2010. We are now accepting proposals.

Please e-mail the proposals, preferably as plain text, to upe-officers@ccs.neu.edu.

Why Participate?

  1. Teach your peers about your work.
  2. Show other students and faculty what you accomplished.
  3. Encourage by your example other students to get involved in undergraduate research.
  4. Polish your public speaking skills.
  5. Add your experience to your resume.
  6. Get a cool prize.
  7. Have fun.
  8. Free food!

Past Presentations

March 31st, 2010:
  • Jon Pelc: Virtual Nurse
    The HCI Lab of Professor Tim Bickmore is designing robots that assist in hospital discharges and other nusring functions. This talk will describe my experiences of working as a coop on the project.
  • Will Nowak: Digital Display
    An overview of the CREW project to bring newsworthy information to displays throughout our college and the university..
April 4th, 2007:
  • Rachel Ober: Prestar
    Prestar is a web application that gives its members the ability to lend and borrow items from other members via its interface.
  • Patrick Kaeding: Crew, Xen, and You
    An overview of the Xen virtualization infrastructure.
  • Brian Guthrie: Diagram Understanding System
    A system for aiding comprehension of diagrams in the biological literature.
November 8th, 2006: March 15th, 2006: November 17th, 2005: