Women in Computer and Information Sciences

Who we are

CISters is a student group at Northeastern University created with the intention of supporting and connecting females who are studying or interested in the fields of computer and information science.

What we do

CISters hosts a variety of different academic and social activities throughout the year, including tech talks, student panels, and workshops. A strong community of CCIS students, alumni, and faculty enables CISters to make the most of the exciting tech scene in and around Boston.

Get in Touch

You can email us at cisters@ccs.neu.edu or follow us on twitter


President: Ali Leibowitz
Vice President: Rose DeMaio
Treasurer: Talia Swartz
Outreach & Events: Alex Williams & Kathleen Mullins
Public Relations: Catherine Patchell & Shivi Singh
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Alison Leibowitz


Year: Senior
Major: Information Science and Business Administration
Where you've co-oped:
  • Northeastern University, eCommunications Co-op
  • MFS Investment Management, Web Business Analyst
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Health IT Co-op
Why you chose CS/IS: I chose my major because I want to help improve businesses through the use of technology. I am passionate about technology and feel if used properly can improve the relationship between a business and its customers. This is something I have always been interested in and wanted to study new ways to integrate technology in the business world. The combined major with Information Science and Marketing was the perfect opportunity for me explore all of my interests.

Favorite CS/IS class: My favorite class so far has to be IS 3500, Information Systems Design and Development. The class was a lot of work, but in the end it was very rewarding. The concepts covered were ones I used daily on co-op and I was even able to introduce my co-workers to a few of them. Turns out all of late nights spent doing homework and projects really paid off!

Favorite way to waste time: Marathoning through TV shows on Netflix

Rose DeMaio

Vice President

Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science and Communication
Where you've co-oped:
  • Viridian Spark
  • Hubspot
Why you chose CS/IS:I always knew I would end up in a technical field, and CS is unique in providing a flexible, lucrative, and exciting degree.

Favorite CS/IS class:Fundies 1H! As a true classic, how could you not love this class? It was my first taste of programming and although it was challenging, (finally) figuring the code out and getting the work done felt great. Plus, the support of TAs and professors was amazing, and even during co-op, I found myself leaning back on some of our earliest lessons.

Favorite way to waste time:Watching and re-watching my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches online.

Talia Swartz


Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Where you've co-oped:
  • Intuit
  • Power Advocate
Why you chose CS/IS: When I was in high school I was in a 3 year multimedia program where we learned to use all kinds of programs like Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Premiere, and even 3D modeling. My favorite project was making a game in Flash where we had to write some basic code. It was the hardest project of the whole program but by far the most fun and rewarding. After that I was so curious to learn more about programming and computer science in general. So after I applied to NEU as a digital art major, I switched to computer science once I was accepted. Best. Decision. Ever.

Favorite CS/IS class: Hands down Fundies 1. I came into this class knowing absolutely nothing about programming and left with a solid understanding of basic CS principles that have stuck with me since then. I became a tutor for the course a year later and it was so cool to go from knowing nothing about programming to teaching freshman about it.

Favorite way to waste time: The Internet and watching Jeopardy

Alex Williams

Outreach and Events

Year: Junior
Major: Information Science and Business Administration
Where you've co-oped:
  • Winslow Technology Group
Why you chose CS/IS:I am incredibly interested in the real-world applications of technology. I want to help businesses become more effective through the implementation of new software and hardware.

Favorite CS/IS class: Principles of Information Science. This was the first class I was genuinely excited to go to. It was the perfect combination of technology and business, and solidified that this is the field I want to pursue.

Favorite way to waste time: love to go for walks and get lost in Boston. I can spend hours wandering around the city with no clear destination.

Kathleen Mullins

Outreach and Events

Year: Middler
Major: Computer Science and Interactive Media
Where you've co-oped:
  • Boston Globe
Why you chose CS/IS: I love the flexibility and imagination that exists in such a technical field. While most careers tend to be either 'left-brained' or 'right-brained,' CS uses both my creative and analytic skills. I can do almost anything I want when I graduate!

Favorite CS/IS class: Theory of Computation. This was the first theory class that I understood and I loved what I learned. Plus there were cookies. Can't say no to cookies.

Favorite way to waste time: Shopping, reading, and watching entire series on Netflix in as little time possible

Catherine Patchell

Public Relations

Year: Middler
Major: Computer Science and Interactive Media
Why you chose CS/IS: In high school I always thought that I would go into Engineering, but after attending a program that introduced the various fields in Engineering, I realized that it wasn't for me. I was left to find something that combined my passions for math, art and problem solving, so I began exploring CS programs and decided to give it a shot. After starting at Northeastern as a CS major I haven't looked back and have loved my decision to study CS!

Favorite CS/IS class:IS 4300 - Human Computer Information. This class provided ample opportunity to combine my programming and design skills. I have grown to really enjoy working to create or improve interfaces in hopes of providing a great experience for the user.

Favorite way to waste time: I love to go on walks around the city when I'm taking a break from studying. I also enjoy making greeting cards and marathoning TV shows.

Shivi Singh

Public Relations

Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science
Why you chose CS/IS: CS appealed to me because it is basically the reason that all the technology around us exists. I think its completely mind-blowing that we human beings are able to create such enjoyable, helpful and useful things by coding from them. I can't wait to delve into the specifics of coding and the logic behind it; there's always something new out there!

Favorite CS/IS class: Logic and Comp and Fundies 2

Favorite way to waste time:Listen to music and paint my nails!

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