MyNeu Account

Your MyNeu account will be your portal for all things Northeastern. From there you will access your email, view and pay your bill, register for classes, and more. To activate your account, please go to and click the link “How do I get a MyNeu username and password?” From there you can follow the instructions on the screen and enter in the required information.

A few tips for activation:

1. The system will ask for your SSN. If you did not enter your SSN in your application, or if you are an international student and do not have an SSN, you have been assigned a PKID (or an international ID). This number can be found in the confirmation email sent after you pay your enrollment deposit.

2. If the zip code of your permanent address is not 5 digits, the system may not recognize it. Instead, please enter the zip code 02115.

3. If you are having trouble activating your account, the MyNeu HelpDesk should be able to assist you. You can either submit a trouble ticket after the failed registration attempt, or send them an email at