Course Registration

On the Registrar’s website, you will find a catalog of course offerings for the upcoming semester when they become available. Simply click on “Banner Class Schedule” and enter in the term you wish to search. Then choose the subject and course level and hit “Submit”PLEASE NOTE when browsing the offerings the campus on which each course is offered. Some courses will be offered only on the BOSTON campus, some on the SEATTLE campus. It is important when registering that you choose course selections offered on the appropriate campus.

Also on the Registrar’s website, you can find the date when registration opens for new students as well as an academic calendar. Please pay close attention when registration opens as well as the deadline to complete registration.  Adding or dropping courses after the registration dates listed on the registrar’s website may entail fees.

After reviewing the course offerings, students can register for courses online using the myNEU Web Portal. This system allows students to add and drop courses, confirm course registration, find room assignments, and obtain final exam schedules.  The systems work on real-time; your course add/drop will be processed immediately.

To register:

Go to Log in using your myNEU username and myNEU password (or click on “How do I get a myNEU username and password?” if you have never used the system before). Click on “Self- Service,” then click on “Course Registration.”  Follow the onscreen prompts.