New Student Page- Seattle

Welcome to Northeastern University- Seattle!

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance!  We hope you find this initial information helpful as you prepare to begin your studies in the College of Computer and Information Science.  If you have any further questions or concerns after reading this information, please contact the Graduate School at or the Assistant Director of Admissions Recruitment and Student Services on the Seattle campus, Gina Takasugi ( Below you will find information that will aid you as you prepare for your entrance into CCIS.

MyNeu Account

Your MyNeu account will be your portal for all things Northeastern. From there you will access your email, view and pay your bill, register for classes, and more. To activate your account, please go to and click the link “How do I get a MyNeu username and password?” From there you can follow the instructions on the screen and enter in the required information. A few tips for activation:

1. The system will ask for your SSN. If you did not enter your SSN in your application, or if you are an international student and do not have an SSN, you have been assigned a PKID (or an international ID). This number can be found in the confirmation email sent after you pay your enrollment deposit. If you did not receive a PKID, please contact

2. If the zip code of your permanent address is not 5 digits, the system may not recognize it. Instead, please enter the zip code 02115.

3. If you are having trouble activating your account, the MyNeu HelpDesk should be able to assist you. You can either submit a trouble ticket after the failed registration attempt, or send them an email at

Course Registration

On the Registrar’s website, you will find a catalog of course offerings for the upcoming semester. Simply click on “Banner Class Schedule” and enter in the term you wish to search. Then choose the subject and course level and hit “Submit”.  PLEASE NOTE the campus on which each course is offered. Some courses will be offered only on the BOSTON campus, some on the SEATTLE campus. Additionally, some courses are offered as online courses (and thus open to students on both campuses). Also on the Registrar’s website, you can find registration deadlines and an academic calendar. Please pay close attention to these deadlines.  Adding or dropping courses after the registration dates listed on the registrar’s website may entail fees. After reviewing the course offerings, students can register for courses online using the myNEU Web Portal. This system allows students to add and drop courses, confirm course registration, find room assignments, and obtain final exam schedules.  The systems work on real-time; your course add/drop will be processed immediately. To register: Go to Log in using your myNEU username and myNEU password (or click on “How do I get a myNEU username and password?” if you have never used the system before). Click on “Self- Service,” then click on “Course Registration.”  Follow the onscreen prompts.

International Student Check-In and Visa Clearance

New international students will need to attend a MANDATORY Check-In session with ISSI. This session will be scheduled closer to the start of the semester. ISSI will be contacting international students in the days before the session with more details and a list of materials to bring.

CCIS Orientation- Fall 2015

Checklist for your arrival in Seattle:

  • Move into your hostel or apartment
  • Make sure that you have your supplies and course materials
  • Carefully review Orientation materials and Seattle Student Guide
  • Take some time to explore Seattle!

Orientation Schedule

Orientation will be a MANDATORY all-day event and will take place in the week before classes begin. The date and full schedule will be posted closer to the start of the semester.

Paying Your Bill

You can view and pay your bill by logging on to your MyNeu account. Your bill will not be posted until after you register. Listed on your bill will also be your payment deadline.  You must pay your bill by that deadline, or you will also be charged a late fee. If you are concerned about paying your bill on time, or would like to set up a payment plan, please contact Student Financial Services at or 617-373-2270. For more information about Payment Methods, please visit the Student Financial Services website.

Online Learning

Graduate schools are evolving to provide courses and schedules that are more flexible for their students. Online and hybrid courses (courses attended partially online and partially on campus) are becoming more common. During your study at Northeastern University- Seattle, you will be learning in at least a partially online format. Many people are surprised to find that they need to approach online/hybrid courses a little differently in order to succeed. The links listed below show you an overview of how online classes work at Northeastern, provide a demo of an online class, and offer tips and strategies for successful online learning. NEU Online Overview Online Class Demo Success in Online Learning


Seattle is a diverse city with many distinct neighborhoods. While renting in the Seattle area, there are various living options for both single and shared living. Many students live in apartment buildings with en-suite studio or one-bedroom apartments. Often, single-family houses are rented out with individuals living in the different bedrooms while sharing the kitchen and living area.
To learn about local accommodations, visit the webpage: Seattle Campus Housing webpage.

Campus Resources

Northeastern’s Seattle campus has a multitude of resources you can use as an enrolled student. To find a comprehensive list, please visit NU Seattle’s Current Student page. Additionally, for those of you who will be new to the Seattle, WA area, please check out our Relocating to Seattle page.

Connect with a Current Student

Niyati Acharya,
M.S. Computer Science, started January 2015

I am enjoying my M.S. Computer Science because I get to learn the practical aspects of a subject from expert professors, some of whom are current employees of IT giants like Google, Twitter, and Microsoft. Additionally, the Northeastern students are always on the radar of the top tech companies, like Microsoft, Amazon, and several other companies headquartered in greater Seattle area. These companies are always in search of the right talent offering us students co-ops & internships opportunities, and eventually jobs. Students at Seattle campus have same course structure and syllabus for all the courses offered and have equal access to the co-op database as the Boston campus. So, I have never felt that I am at a disadvantage not being in the Boston campus.

I was a bit nervous, like most International students are, thinking about studying in a new country with people I don’t know at all. But to my pleasant surprise, the administrative staff, professors and senior students have been utmost supportive, friendly and welcoming. I feel so connected to each and everyone here at the campus. The Seattle city, or better known as the Emerald city, is a sheer beauty, I must say. I feel so much at home while in Seattle.

I must say, I am very fortunate to be pursuing my M.S. in Computer Science at NU – Seattle.”

To learn more about Niyati’s experiences, contact her at:

Connect with us on Facebook

Northeastern University – Seattle has a Facebook Group for all current and incoming students.  To connect with current student and see what’s happening at the Seattle Campus, join our student group! “Join” us on Facebook