Submit for Qualifier Exam / Paper Requirement Approval

Please ensure you have satisfied the requirements to your and your advisor’s satisfaction (see PaperRequirement.pdf).

Create a Web page that contains the following information:

  1. A link to exactly one paper. We do not want a list of papers, unless you and your advisor feel that with only one paper your case is not strong enough to satisfy the paper requirement.
  2. A statement from your advisor clearly indicating your contributions to the paper and how these contributions provide evidence of research potential.

Allow two weeks for the PhD committee to review, discuss, vote, and communicate the outcome. Notification will come from the Director of Graduate Programs.

Please submit your material through and follow the instructions there. Create an account if necessary.

After submitting your material, send an email to the chair of the PhD committee. Simply state the fact that you submitted your material. (Our system unfortunately does not generate automatic notifications.)