Submit for Comprehensive Exam / Thesis Proposal Committee Approval

Please ensure you have satisfied the following requirements:

  1. You have written a thesis proposal. It should include an abstract, be written by you (the student), clearly specify the research problems to be attacked, the techniques to be employed, and a schedule of milestones towards completion.
  2. You have set up a Comprehensive Exam Committee. Do this with the help of your faculty advisor. The committee should consist of 4 members including the advisor, at least 2 other CCIS faculty members and preferably 1 external member.
  3. You have set up a web page with the following information:
    1. A list of the members of the Committee, with a link to their homepages. In case the external examiner does not have a homepage or the page does not contain biographical information, a link to his/her curriculum vita or an electronic copy of the vita must be included.
    2. A link to the proposal document/abstract.
    3. A short paragraph from the thesis advisor justifying the choice of the Committee. One sentence per member of the Committee will suffice.

Allow two weeks for the PhD committee to review, discuss, vote, and communicate the outcome. Notification will come from the Director of Graduate Programs.

Do not schedule your Comprehensive Exam until you have received approval. After receiving approval, select a date for your Comprehensive Exam and announce the proposal defense to all faculty and students through the colloquium and other mailing lists, with the announcement clearly identified as a thesis proposal defense, with your name and your advisor’s name identified.

Please submit your material through and follow the instructions there. Create an account if necessary.

After submitting your material, send an email to the chair of the PhD committee. Simply state the fact that you submitted your material. (Our system unfortunately does not generate automatic notifications.)