“Health informatics is a career for the future. At Northeastern, we created health informatics programs to help clinical and IT professionals develop the management and technical skills they need to be leaders in this thrilling new era.” – Daniel Feinberg, director, Northeastern University health informatics graduate programs


“It’s almost impossible to find qualified health-care IT professionals for our health informatics projects. Northeastern has created a one-of-a-kind program that addresses this need.” – Todd Rothenhaus, CIO, Caritas Christi Health Care System


“Each class in the program delivers the combination of management and technology skills you can use throughout your career.” – Lassaad Fridhi, Northeastern health informatics student and program developer, Center for Connected Health


“To be successful in health informatics, you have to be aware of not only your piece of the puzzle, but also of how it’s going to affect other aspects of the health-care system. This program is on of the few to provide that total view of the impact of IT in health care.” – Chuck Parker, Northeastern health informatics student and executive director, Continua Health Alliance


“Clinicians have to work with IT and vice versa to get things done. This program taught me how to successfully collaborate with IT teams to participate in and lead the development of exciting new clinical applications for my hospital.” – Anne Burgess, Northeastern health informatics student, former nurse, and current clinical database programmer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital