Master’s Degree

Whether your background is in information technology or in health care, Northeastern’s master’s degree program gives you an academic credential that demonstrates you have the knowledge and skills to be a leader in the field of health informatics.

Two types of master’s degree program lets you tailor your education to your needs and experience:

  • Master of Science in Health Informatics
  • Advanced Standing Master of Science in Health Informatics

Master of Science in Health Informatics

(11 courses, 33 credits)

This interdisciplinary master’s degree program is designed for health-care professionals with little knowledge of computing and information technology as well as for IT professionals with little knowledge of health-care environments. Students with either background gain the knowledge and skills to make an immediate impact in health informatics.

Sample Course Schedule (per year)

Fall: 2 courses
Spring: 2 courses
Summer: 2 courses

Core Courses – (8 courses, 24 credits)

Required Courses: 2 Courses

HINF 5101 Introduction to Health Informatics and Health Information Systems

HINF 5105 The American Health Care System

Health Informatics:  Choose 2 courses

HINF 6225 Health Systems Lab

HINF 6202 The Business of Health Care Informatics

HINF 6205 Creation and Application of Medical Knowledge

Technical: Choose 2 Courses

HINF 6220 Database Design, Access, Modeling, and Security

HINF 6230 Strategic Topics in Programming for Health Professionals

HINF 5102 Data Management in Health Care

HINF 6355 Key Standards in Health Informatics Systems

Business Management: Choose 2 Courses

HINF 6201 Organizational Behavior, Work Flow Design, and Change Management

HINF 6215 Project Management

HINF 6335 Management Issues in Healthcare Information Technology

Elective Courses (choose 2 courses)

HINF 6345 Design for Usability in Health Care

HINF 6330 Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

HINF 6340 Introduction to Genomics and Bioinformatics

HINF 6325 Legal and Social Issues in Health Informatics

HINF 6350 Public Health Surveillance and Informatics

Capstone (one course)

HINF 7701 Health Informatics Capstone Project

Advanced Standing Master of Science in Health Informatics

If you have a background in an appropriate health field, you can prepare to become a leader in health informatics more quickly through the advanced standing master’s degree program. The program is designed for:

  • Experienced clinicians or public health professionals who already hold health-related master’s or doctoral degrees
  • Those with doctoral degrees in related fields who want to become teachers and researchers in health informatics

The Advanced Standing Master of Science in Health Informatics program requires two fewer courses than the two-year program. Typically, American Health care System and Introduction to Health Informatics courses are eliminated for students with advanced standing, but your prior academic degree and professional experience determine your specific course requirements.