Sample Academic Schedule

Most graduate courses in computer science are offered in the late afternoon and early evening, which enables many students to pursue their graduate degrees while continuing with their daytime employment. Courses may be offered in different semesters from year to year. However, the following schedule may serve as a general guide.

Graduate Course Offering Plan 2014- 2015

Fall 2014

CS5010 Program Design Paradigm
CS5800 Algorithms
CS7400 Intensive Principles of Programming Languages
CS7800 Advanced Algorithms
CS5200 Introduction to Database Systems
CS5600 Computer Systems
CS5700 Fundamentals of Computer Networking
CS6750 Cryptography & Communication Security
CS5400 Principles of Programming Languages

Spring 2015

CS5010 Program Design Paradigm
CS5500 Managing Software Development
CS7600 Intensive Computer Systems
CS7805 Theory of Computation
CS5100 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
CS5200 Implementation of Database Management Systems
CS5310 Computer Graphics
CS6740 Network Security
CS5610 Web Development
CS5700 Fundamental of Networks

Interdisciplinary Courses

Fall 2014
IA5010 Fundamentals of IA *
IA5240 Ethics, Privacy & Digital Rights

Spring 2015
IA5100 Computer Systems & Networks *
IA5200 Security Risk Management & Assessment

* Not open to students in CCIS for degree credit

Please note that
(1) MS students interested in pursuing future PhD studies are encouraged to take the intensive core courses, in place of the regular core courses. Approval must be obtained from the instructor.
(2) Students without undergraduate OS background should take CS5600 before taking CS7600.
(3) At most 8 semester credit hours of IAG courses can be counted toward MS in CS.
(4) Course offerings are subject to change.