Degree Programs

The College of Computer and Information Science offers master’s degree and doctoral programs in computer science as well as cutting-edge interdisciplinary degrees in network science (PhD), health informatics (MS), personal health informatics (PhD), and information assurance (MS and PhD). With approximately 630 master’s students and 99 doctoral students from over 20 countries, we provide an academic experience that is simultaneously global and individualized across all of our programs.

The college maintains a strong research profile and receives significant funding from major federal research agencies and private industry. Our faculty strength and research funding have increased substantially in recent years, and we are actively seeking highly motivated, bright, and hard-working students who are interested in expanding their knowledge and capabilities in the world of computer science.

Computer Science

Our PhD in Computer Science program prepares students to conduct state-of-the-art computer science research in preparation for careers in government, industry, and academia. Similarly, our MS in Computer Science program offers students the opportunity to broadly expand their knowledge in the field while focusing on one of our curricular specialties:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Database management
  • Graphics and robotics
  • Human/computer interaction
  • Information security
  • Networks
  • Programming languages
  • Software engineering
  • Systems
  • Computer science theory

Graduate education in computer science also features the top-ranked Northeastern co-op program, enabling students to supplement their classroom education with real-world experience in the field. We have consistently placed more than 90 percent of our students in co-op positions. The college partners with several high-profile companies, including:

  • Bloomberg
  • EMC Corporation
  • Fidelity Investments
  • IBM Corporation
  • Intuit
  • Kronos
  • Mathworks
  • Nokia
  • Phase Forward
  • SeaChange International
  • Verizon Communications

Health Informatics

MS in Health Informatics

Along with the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, we are proud to offer the distinctive MS in Health Informatics program. Combining the technical expertise of the College of Computer and Information Science with health-care knowledge and practices of Bouvé College, this program educates students to respond to the critical shortage of health informatics professionals throughout the country and to use their knowledge to improve health-care delivery and outcomes.

PhD in Health Informatics

The research-focused, interdisciplinary PhD in Personal Health Informatics program combines a strong foundation in human-computer interface technology and experimental design in health sciences with a research program focused on exploring how technology designed with a patient- or person-facing perspective might transform healthcare and wellness delivery. The program prepares graduates for careers as faculty focused on transdisciplinary health technology research, as technical leaders and scientific advisors in industries or non-profits creating or using novel healthcare technologies or research tools, and as entrepreneurs who start up innovative companies based on the research initiated in the program. The transdisciplinary nature of the program and the focus on how technology can support wellness and improve care from the patient’s perspective distinguishes it from traditional doctoral degree programs in computer science and medical and health informatics.

Information Assurance

We offer both the PhD and MS degree programs in information assurance to meet a wide range of student needs. Each provides interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, focusing on information technology as well as how law, policy, and human behavior influence measures to address global threats to cyberspace.

PhD in Information Assurance

The research-focused, interdisciplinary PhD in Information Assurance program combines a strong technical foundation with a policy and social sciences perspective. It prepares graduates to advance the reliability and security of cyberspace in industry, academia, and government. The interdisciplinary nature of the program distinguishes it from traditional doctoral degree programs in computer science, computer engineering or electrical engineering and makes it unique in the Boston area.

MS in Information Assurance

Our MS in Information Assurance program combines an understanding of information technology with relevant knowledge from law, the social sciences, criminology, and management. The MS in Information Assurance program is designed for working professionals and others who want knowledge they can apply in their workplaces to assess and manage information security risks effectively. The program provides a natural path to the PhD in Information Assurance program for students who want to pursue research in the field and careers involving research.