Commencement “To Do” List

  1. Registering on MyCommencement– Whether or not you are planning to attend the commencement ceremony, you must register your degree completion date on the MyCommencement system, via your MyNEU account. You should register for commencement as soon as the semester of your completion begins. You will be prompted by the system to indicate what commencement you will be attending, if any.
  2. FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS– If you are an international student applying for Optional Practical Training upon graduation, please obtain a Certification of Program Completion/Extension Form from the International Student and Scholars Institute (405 Ell Hall or . You are responsible for meeting with your adviser and obtaining his/her approval signature. The form must then be submitted along with your graduation checklist and transcript to the Administrative Office. OPT may only be applied for if you are a full-time student.
  3. Complete Graduation Checklist (FOR MASTERS GRADUATES ONLY)- The Masters graduation checklist is located on the FORMS page of the CCIS Graduate School website. Please complete this page and submit it to the graduate office with an unofficial copy of your transcript. If you have any questions about the applicability of courses to your graduation requirements, please contact your faculty adviser.
  4. Survey of Earned Doctorates (FOR PhD STUDENTS ONLY)- Doctoral students must complete a survey form from the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) as part of the graduation process. They can be picked up in the graduate office and will not take long to complete. Electronic forms of the survey are available upon request.

Doctoral Dissertation Submission Guidelines 
The University requires graduate students to submit their dissertation or thesis electronically with UMI Dissertation Publishing ( Whereas students previously submitted hard copies to Snell Library, it is now the responsibility of the student to publish their dissertation using the aforementioned site.

Dissertation submission should begin only after the student has defended their work and has had the dissertation signed off by their Committee, their adviser and the Graduate School Director. The signature sheet can be found on the CCIS Graduate School website or in the Graduate Office in West Village H 202. A hard copy of the dissertation should also be submitted to the Graduate office once the committee and graduate school have signed off. Note: This must be done prior to the electronic submission. Once completed, the introductory material contained on the UMI website will lead you through the account creation and submission processes.

The UMI Dissertation Publishing website allows students to directly upload their dissertation in PDF form. While the College of Computer and Information Science has no specific formatting requirements, the electronic submission must follow specified guidelines listed on the UMI site:

After the dissertation is submitted electronically, it will be catalogued in NUCAT and made available in both ProQuest and Iris, the Northeastern University Libraries Institutional Repository, for research purposes. If you do not wish your dissertation or thesis immediately to be placed in Iris for any reason, for example if you are planning a patent application or formal publication, please opt for one of the embargo options (from 6 months to 2 years) when you submit your paper to Proquest. The University Libraries will honor the embargo request before making your paper available via IRis and the Internet.

The student will be expected to cover the cost of the electronic submission.

DEADLINE NOTICE: Dissertations may be submitted at any point in time during the year upon completion of all degree requirements. If you would like to be cleared for a specific commencement, the dissertation must be approved by two weeks before commencement. You should allow for adequate time to make any necessary corrections to your dissertation as requested by your committee.