On behalf of Northeastern University’s College of Computer & Information Science (CCIS) Co-op Team, we want to thank you for your interest in mentoring and supervising a co-op student. We hope you will find the experience a rewarding one and that the Co-op Program will become a major source of talent for your company.

As our Northeastern University employers have learned over the past 100 years, Cooperative education (“co-op”) has many benefits for employers. By hiring only two students, you get the equivalent of a full-time year-round employee for substantially less than it would cost to hire a professional. You get intelligent, motivated students from one of the most academically challenging programs at Northeastern, who are eager to work and learn. Co-op can also serve as an excellent recruiting tool by allowing you to “test-drive” potential permanent employees with no long-term commitment. Through co-op, you get the chance to lure the best and the brightest into your company before the competition can.

Please click here for more information about the program or you may call one of the Cooperative Education Coordinator’s listed below:

Undergraduate Co-op

Mark Erickson, Assistant Dean, Cooperative Education and Student Services m.erickson@neu.edu, 617-373-3458

Katie Hughes, Assistant Cooperative Education Coordinator k.hughes@neu.edu, 617-373-4449

Aileen Kent Yates, Assistant Cooperative Education Coordinator  a.yates@neu.edu, 617-373-4151

Melissa Peikin, Associate Cooperative Education Coordinator  m.peikin@neu.edu, 617-373-3787

Graduate Co-op

Deb Hunt, Assistant Cooperative Education Coordinator, dhunt@ccs.neu.edu, 617-373-6830

Karyn Rosen, Director, Cooperative Education k.rosen@neu.edu, 617-373-7862

Kathi Vander Laan, Assistant Cooperative Education Coordinator k.vanderlaan@neu.edu, 617-373-4693

Jennifer Youngblood, Assistant Cooperative Education Coordinator, j.youngblood@neu.edu, 206-419-8484

Co-op: An Education Like No Other