Current Students

The College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) prides itself on the support services available to our students.  If you are seeking academic assistance, you should first seek out the instructor teaching the specific course. The College also provides extensive  tutoring for the freshmen level courses as well as  tutoring for the upper level courses.  Should you need further assistance, please seek out your Academic Advisor and/or Richard Rasala, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program. Doreen Hodgkin, Associate Dean of Administration and Student Affairs is also available. Please e-mail us (“Advising” with a question or to schedule an appointment.  Please be sure to put your name in the subject line.

Name Position Office Telephone E-Mail
Mark Erickson Assistant Dean-Coop Education & Student Services 302 WVH 617-373-3458
Wendy Gordon-Hewick Assistant Director- Academic Advising 202A WVH 617-373-7730
Andrea Hauser Academic Advisor 202A1 WVH 617-373-4151
Doreen Hodgkin Associate Dean- Administration & Student Affairs 202 WVH 617-373-5325
Prajna Kulkarni Academic Advisor 202N WVH 617-373-6233
Richard Rasala Professor & Associate Dean- Undergraduate Programs 313 WVH 617-373-2206


We are proud of our facilities and encourage students to utilize our beautiful space throughout the building.  There are several glass conference rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors that are available to students.  You will also find tables and chairs throughout the building so that you can work on your group projects.   The lab (102) on the first floor is for students enrolled in the College and is a space that supports students working on their projects or seeking assistance from the many undergraduate tutors that are hired by the College.

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Special Courses

Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit

Students are advised to submit Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit documentation in as soon as possible, preferably before the first day of class of the first term of enrollment. This helps to ensure timely processing of Northeastern University course equivalencies. Documentation is submitted to Admissions prior to students attending the first day of class. After the first day of class, documentation is submitted to CCIS advisors. Documentation received after 1 month of classes may result in delays for processing.

Course Sequence Patterns

Patterns of Attendance (POA)

The CCIS network is managed by our own staff.  If you need assistance, you should go to the following website:  technical help.