IS4800 Empirical Research Methods in Information Science



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A CCS Unix account is required to access course materials. To learn how to get an account go to the Welcome page.

We will be using R for statistical analysis. R is available on CCIS PCs, but is also available for free download from The R Project web site. The website also contains links to the R manuals and many other kinds of documentation.

An introductory tutorial for R is available here. There are many, many other tutorials and documentation pages for R, just Google "R tutorial".

RStudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R that simplifies many tasks, such as importing data and exporting charts, and provides a context-sensitive editor and integrated help. It can be downloaded for free from here, and should also be installed on CCIS computers.

RCommander and other graphical front ends for R are not recommended. None of them support all of the analyses required for class.

Some online statistics texts and tutorials:


Places to look for measures include the ACM Digital Library, the PsycInfo bibliographic database (esp. for psychological questionnaires), and PubMed (esp. for health-related measures and questionnaires).


Another good source of measures is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): it is their mission to develop standardized measures for just about everything you can imagine. Their Information Technology Laboratory provides measurements for the IT industry. One example specialty area is Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems.