IS 4300: Human-Computer Interaction

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Course subject content is tentative and may change during the semester. 

Week Date Topic Assignments
Start Due
1 Jan 7 Introduction to the class and HCI H1, T1, R1  
Jan 10 User Centered design.
H2, R2 R1
2 Jan 14 Usability Principles, Team project brainstorming. H1, R2
Jan 17 Usability Methods, Observational studies, Prototyping technologies. R3 H2
3 Jan 24 Task analysis, use cases, and scenarios. [no slides from this class.] T2, R4, H3 T1, R3
4 Jan 28 More on task analysis and scenarios.
T3, H4 H3, R4
Jan 31 Building wireframes. R5 T2
5 Feb 4 Conceptual and Interaction Design.   R5
Feb 7 Paper Prototyping T4, R6 T3
6 Feb 11 Design guidelines. Evaluation Overview.
  H4, R6
Feb 14 Accessibility, evaluation, storyboards.
Sample user briefing.
T5, R7
7 Feb 18 No Class.   T4
Feb 21 In class paper prototyping rehearsal. Heuristic evaluation.
T6 T5A, R7
8 Feb 25 Collecting and Analyzing Surveys  
Feb 28 Likert scales, stats and graphs. R9 T5B
. Mar 4-9 Spring Break
9 Mar 11 Web development videos (no slides) T7
Mar 14 User Experience. H5 T6, R9
10 Mar 18 Reviewing your projects (no slides)   H5
Mar 21 Communicating Results.
T8 T7
11 Mar 25 Summarizing data quantitatively.  
Mar 28 HCI for Activities in Social Networks.
12 Apr 1 Learning in Social Games. T9 T8, R12
Apr 4 Designing for Mobile, App inventor.
13 Apr 8
Apr 11
Final project presentations   T9A