Package ohmm

OHMM high level processor library and JScheme shell.


Interface Summary
ErrorHandler OHMM error handler.

Class Summary
ConsoleNonblocking Example of doing non-blocking console input on Unix.
CvBase Base class for JavaCV applications.
CvCap Simple JavaCV capture demo.
CvDemo Demo of CvBase.
CvKinect CvBase extensions for Kinect.
CvKinectDemo Demo of CvKinect.
CvTest JavaCV test program.
CvUndistort Extends CvBase to optionally perform undistortion.
CvVisualServo Visual servoing to grasp a colored object (CS4610 LAB4 solution).
DefaultErrorHandler Default OHMM error handler.
Grasp Arm IK and grasping demo (CS4610 LAB3 and 4 solution).
ImageServer HTTP multipart/x-mixed-replace image server.
OHMM OHMM high level processor library.
OHMMDrive OHMM high level processor lib with extensions for the drive module.
OHMMShell OHMM JScheme command shell.
OHMMSite OHMM high level processor library with site extensions.
Version Version utility.

Enum Summary
OHMM.AnalogChannel Analog sensor channels.
OHMM.DigitalPin Digital sensor pins.

Package ohmm Description

OHMM high level processor library and JScheme shell.