DUE: 11pm, Fri Jan 10

Worth: 1% of your final grade

  1. Make sure you have a CCIS User Account. You should already have one if you are a CCIS undergrad major or grad student. Otherwise, click the link and register for one. Be aware that the process can take several business days. Plan ahead, you must have your account before you can complete this assignment.

  2. Read all pages of the course website at http://www.ccs.neu.edu/course/cs4610. You do not have to read the extended documents linked from the references page, and you may skim the OHMM WIKI pages, for now.

  3. Send the instructor an email containing

    This email should be sent from the primary email address which you will use for all correspondence with the course staff. Yes, you may have already given some of this information in person. Sending it again by email will help us match faces, names, and email addresses!