Assignments for CS 4500

To submit your assignment 9:

1. Put all the software you wish to submit into a single directory. Don't forget the README file. Don't put any extraneous stuff in the directory.

2. Created a gzipped tar file of that directory. Suppose, for example, that the directory you want to submit is named mydir. The recommended way to create the gzipped tar file is to cd to the directory that contains mydir, and to execute the following Linux command:

    tar -czf mydir.tgz mydir

That will create a file named mydir.tgz.

3. On a CCIS Linux machine, cd to the directory that contains the gzipped tar file you created in step 2. Then type the following command, after substituting your own email address for <name>:

    /course/cs4500wc/submit <name> 9 mydir.tgz

4. If all goes well, step 3 will end by giving you a confirmation number. Please record your confirmation number so you can prove you have submitted the assignment.

Last updated 11 April 2013.

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