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Jan. 9 Course Intro and Numerical Representation Reading: P&H, Chapter 1(lightly);
Sections 3.1, 3.2(leave out Fig 3.1);
Also Google and then memorize the "SI prefixes"

Jan. 15 Introduction to the C Programming Language Reading: K&R, Chapters 1 - 5;
Homework 1[.pdf]
; you can submit your solution through the Blackboard entry for this class.
Jan. 23 C structures; strings; memory management; start MIPS Reading: K&R, Sec. 5.5(on character pointers),
Chapter 6(on structures), Sec. 7.8.5(on malloc),
Sec. 8.7(on heap memory allocation);
(starting MIPS) P&H, Sec 2.1 -- 2.3

For another viewpoint, here are Brian Harvey's notes on C;

and the Binky video

Jan. 30 MIPS Assembly Language Reading: P&H, Sec 2.2 : instructions
2.3 : registers, memory, and immediate constants
2.7 : decisions, including if-statements and loops
2.8 : procedures.
Examples of MIPS expressions and
Feb. 7 MIPS Assembly Language; MIPS code examples
Calling functions [.pdf]
Reading: same sections in P&H as last week
Using registers $s0 - $s7
Table of syscalls
Homework 2
Homework 2 in large print and
Guide to programming sprintf;
Guide to programming sprintf in large print
Simplified example: sprintd

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