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1.1 Designing functions on lists of numbers
1.2 Submissions

1 5/7: Functions on lists

Due: 5/7, midnight by email to dvanhorn.

Language: any.

You must complete this assignment individually and should not discuss solutions with anyone but the course staff.

1.1 Designing functions on lists of numbers

Design the following programs:

You may use any programming language you’d like, but your programs must be well-designed according to the design recipe.

1.2 Submissions

This is the only assignment that will be submitted via email. Please send an email with the following form:

Subject: 2510 Assignment 1 CCIS-username



Full name


Attach: source code

where CCIS-username is your CCIS username. If you do not have a CCIS username or do not know what it is, please see the Systems group on the third floor of WVH immediately. Your source code should include your full name and CCIS username as well.