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Exam 2:   4/  1 at 6PM in WVH 108
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Past exams
Assignment 6 out
First exam:   In class, Thursday 2/  14
Some answers on quick lists
Assignment 3 questions and updates
Assignment 3 out
Fixing image errors in Dr  Racket
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Exam review

Fri Mar 29 19:46:06 EDT 2013

Exam review will be led by Nick Labich in WVH 108 on Sunday from 4-6PM.

Past exams

Thu Mar 28 11:59:37 EDT 2013

Here are the past exam 2s:

Exam 2: 4/1 at 6PM in WVH 108

Tue Feb 19 14:37:44 EST 2013

The second exam will be on Monday, 4/1 at 6PM in WVH 108. This means that there will be no lab on 4/1.

If you have a conflict with the portion of this time from 7:40-9:00, please let the instructors know as soon as possible.

Review session

Wed Feb 13 10:10:35 EST 2013

The review session will be from 6-9 PM on Wednesday (i.e., today) in WVH 366.

Past exams

Thu Feb 7 11:56:19 EST 2013

Here are the past exams from CS2510H:

Assignment 6 out

Wed Feb 6 19:31:15 EST 2013

The next assignment is out.

First exam: In class, Thursday 2/14

Wed Feb 6 17:47:40 EST 2013

The first exam will be held on Thursday 2/14 in class. Previously we had planned for a three hour out-of-class exam, but due to the short notice, we’ve decided to hold a 1.5 hour exam. We will host a review session and post past exams to this blog.

Some answers on quick lists

Wed Feb 6 17:42:10 EST 2013

Q: I’m having trouble understanding what is meant by representing a list as a “forest of trees of elements” – and my confusion only gets worse as I read more of the paragraph describing “Van Horn’s idea”. Would you mind clarifying the data structure we’re being asked to build?

A: A “forest” is just a collection of trees. So when the assignment says that “A quick list is a forest of increasingly large full binary trees” that means that your quick list data structure should contain a bunch of binary trees, each of which is full (we talked about full binary trees in class on Monday), and which are increasingly large as you go through the forest.

Q: And going through/deeper into the forest would be the equivalent of traveling further down the elements of a list, correct?

A: Yes, later elements in the list are further into the forest.

Assignment 3 questions and updates

Mon Jan 21 12:38:31 EST 2013

Assignment 3 incorrectly asked two questions about super classes, which we haven’t discussed in class. These have been removed from the assignment.

If you want, you may use class/1 to solve the assignment, but only the features of class/1 we have discussed in class.

Also, there have been questions about the half-working method. In a case where aging won’t produce a population that is exactly half as large (as when there are an odd number of adults), your half-working method should stop when there are no more than half as many adults as originally.

There was also a typo in the Possession problem, which has been fixed, and the problem on mobiles has been clarified.

Assignment 3 out

Thu Jan 17 11:30:30 EST 2013

Assignment 3 is posted.

Fixing image errors in DrRacket

Mon Jan 14 12:21:14 EST 2013

Sometimes, when you have a file in DrRacket that uses images, sometimes you’ll get the following error

write: cannot marshal value that is embedded in compiled code

  value: (object:image-snip% ...)

To fix this, you should change your DrRacket settings as follows. First, open the Choose Language item from the Language menu. Then click on Show Details Then uncheck the Populate "compiled" directories item.

In general, tools such as Git will work better with files that embed images when you follow the guidelines outlined on the The Style page.

Assignment 2 out, Git notes updated

Thu Jan 10 11:29:45 EST 2013

Assignment 2 is posted. Be forewarned, it is quite involved so we suggest you start early.

We’ve also updated the notes on Git and flushed out descriptions of some of the most important Git concepts.

Name and User name survey

Mon Jan 7 16:18:18 EST 2013

Register your CCIS and GitHub user names with this survey.

Initial Partnerships

Mon Jan 7 16:16:06 EST 2013

Below are the initial partnership assignments. If you can’t find your partner, or are not on this list, please see a member of the course staff.

01. Nir Shtuhl               Michael R. Rinaldi

02. Trevyn J. Langsford      Tevin M. Otieno

03. Cody M. Wetherby         Dylan P. Collins

04. Matthew T. Cotton        Maxwell T. Skala

05. Eli L. Abidor            Timothy J. Wright

06. Nicholas L. Jones        Tiffany L. Chao

07. Christopher M. Freeley   Calvin J. Pomerantz

08. Zachary Youngren         Craig J. Ellis

09. Lukas Berger             Julia T. Ebert

10. Samantha T. Sanborn      Lochlainn O. Macdonald

11. Ariel R. Winton          Kevin G. O'Leary

12. Stefan T. Cepko          Sree Vishant Prabhakaran

13. Kyle H. Alpert           James C. Larisch

14. Yang Yang                Christian J. DiMare

15. Kaila M. Corrington      Victor M. Monterroso

16. Joseph S. Maxwell        Victor Lei

17. Zoe R. Winkworth         Priscilla A. Baquerizo

18. Kyle P. Meyer

19. Trithep Devakul          Matthew C. Singer

20. Nicholas D. Acquadro     William Caruso

Welcome to CS2510H

Fri Jan 4 16:06:59 EST 2013

We hope you’ll have fun.