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Homework 2 extension
Homework 2 is posted
Homework 1 Honors is up on Web  CAT
Homework 1 is up on Web  CAT
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Thu Jan 29 21:27:18 EST 2015
In lecture today, I said the appropriate way to combine two strings was via the append method, namely string1.append(string2). That is incorrect. The method is properly named concat. My apologies for any confusion.

Homework 2 extension

Wed Jan 28 14:17:37 EST 2015
Due to the two successive snow days, we’ve lost most of the office hours scheduled for this week. Accordingly, we’re extending the due date for homework 2 until Friday night at 11:59pm. So that the regular homework schedule isn’t too disrupted, homework 3 will go out on Friday and be due next Thursday (i.e., one day later than usual), and homework 4 will go out next Thursday and be due as usual on Wednesday night.

Homework 2 is posted

Thu Jan 20:02:15 EST 2015
Homework 2 and 2h have been posted to the assignments page. WebCAT submissions will be enabled over the weekend.

Homework 1 Honors is up on WebCAT

Mon Jan 18 18:05:00 EST 2015
The honors problems for homework 1 have now been posted.

Homework 1 is up on WebCAT

Sun Jan 18 12:05:00 EST 2015
The three problems for homework 1 have been posted to WebCAT, and everyone who has emailed us their CCS account information should now be able to log in. The honors problems have not yet been posted, and will be made available by Monday evening.

If you have not yet emailed Deepen your CCS username, you will not be able to access WebCAT. Do so as soon as possible. If you have emailed him your username, try to log in, and you still cannot access the assignments, email Prof. Lerner.

Welcome to CS2510

Mon Jan 12 11:00 EST 2015
Please, check this page daily for any last-minute announcements about the class, assignments, lectures, and other information.