Problem Set 6

home work!

Programming Language ISL

Purpose This problem set concerns the use of existing abstractions.

Finger Exercises HtDP/2e: 220, 221, 222


Problem 1 Revise your implementation of HungryHenry according to the feedback you received. Do not edit the program in other ways yet. Simply fix the problems that the grader marked up.

Note If you did not complete the program for the deadline of Problem Set 4, take the chance to complete it now.

This version of HungryHenry must present an image that marks the player's chosen waypoint(s).

Problem 2 Exercise 223 from HtDP/2e

Problem 3 Exercise 224 from HtDP/2e

Problem 4 Exercise 225 from HtDP/2e

Problem 5 Interpret the following data definition:

; [List-of [Number -> Number]]

Design chain. The function consumes a list of functions from numbers to numbers plus a number b. It produces the number that results from composing the functions and applying them to b. Use one of the existing abstract list functions to define chain.