Course Descriptions, Charters, and Web Sites

Undergraduate Computer Science

Course Title
CS U101 Computer Science and Its Applications (4 SH)
CS U200 Discrete Structures (4 SH)
CS U211 Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 (4 SH)
CS U212 Lab for CS U211 (1 SH)
CS U213 Fundamentals of Computer Science 2 (4 SH)
CS U214 Lab for CS U213 (1 SH)
CS U215 Algorithms and Data Structures for Engineers (4 SH)
CS U216 Lab for CS U215 (1 SH)
CS U221 Computer/Information Science Overview 1 (1 SH)
CS U222 Computer/Information Science Overview 2 (1 SH)
CS U223 Computer/Information Science Coop Preparation (1 SH)
CS U231 Honors Freshman Seminar 1 (1 SH)
CS U232 Honors Freshman Seminar 2 (1 SH)
CS U370 Object-Oriented Design (4 SH)
CS U380 Computer Organization (4 SH)
CS U390 Theory of Computation (4 SH)
CS U430 Database Design (4 SH)
CS U480 Systems and Networks (4 SH)
CS U520 Artificial Intelligence (4 SH)
CS U540 Computer Graphics (4 SH)
CS U600 Senior Seminar (1 SH)
CS U610 Honors Senior Seminar (4 SH)
CS U630 Database Internals (4 SH)
CS U640 Network Fundamentals (4 SH)
CS U645 Network Security (4 SH)
CS U660 Programming Languages (4 SH)
CS U665 Compilers (4 SH)
CS U670 Software Development (4 SH)
CS U675 Web Development (4 SH)
CS U680 Topics in Operating Systems (4 SH)
CS U690 Algorithms and Data (4 SH)
CS U900 Computer Science Topics (4 SH)

Undergraduate Information Science

Course Title
IS U300 Principles of Information Science (4 SH)
IS U470 Information System Design and Development (4 SH)
IS U535 Information Retrieval (4 SH)
IS U570 Human Computer Interaction (4 SH)
IS U580 Empirical Research Methods (4 SH)
IS U691 Information Science Field Study (1 SH)
IS U692 Information Science Senior Project (5 Credits)
IS U900 Information Science Topics (4 SH)

Graduate Computer Science

Course Title
CS G100 Data Structures (not open to MS students in CS for credit) (4)
CS G102 Database Management (not open to MS students in CS for credit) (4)
CS G104 Computer Networks (not open to MS students in CS for credit) (4)
CS G106 LISP Lab (1)
CS G107 Program Design Paradigms (4)
CS G110 Managing Software Development (4)
CS G111 Principles of Programming Languages (4)
CS G112 Computer Systems (4)
CS G113 Algorithms (4)
CS G120 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (4)
CS G130 Introduction to database systems (4)
CS G131 Implementation of database management systems (4)
CS G140 Computer Graphics (4)
CS G142 Digital Image Processing (4)
CS G144 Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (4)
CS G150 Fundamentals of Computer Networking (4)
CS G152 Fundamentals of Networking and Internetworking (4)
CS G170 Computer/Human Interaction MS: SE (4)
CS G175 Web Development MS: Systems (4 SH)
CS G180 Computer Architecture (4)
CS G199 Individual Study (2)
CS G220 Machine Learning (4)
CS G222 Knowledge-based Systems (4)
CS G224 Natural Language Processing (4)
CS G230 Data Mining Techniques (4)
CS G250 Wireless Networks (4)
CS G252 Cryptography and Communication Security [see theory] (4)
CS G254 Network Security (4)
CS G256 "Privacy, Security and Usability" (4)
CS G260 Advanced Software Development (4)
CS G262 Compilers (4)
CS G264 Semantics of Programming Languages (4)
CS G270 Methods of Software Development MS: SE (4)
CS G272 Analysis of Software Artifacts (4)
CS G274 Foundations of Formal Methods and Software Analysis (4)
CS G280 Parallel Computing (4)
CS G290 Distributed Algorithms (4)
CS G329 Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence (4)
CS G339 Special Topics in Database Management (4)
CS G349 Special Topics in Graphics/Image Processing (4)
CS G359 Special Topics in Networks (4)
CS G369 Special Topics in Programming Languages (4)
CS G379 Special Topics in Software Engineering (4)
CS G389 Special Topics in Computer Systems (4)
CS G399 Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science (4)
CS G650 Co-op (No credit is given)
CS G664 MS Readings and Research in Computer Science (4)
CS G674 Master's Project in Computer Science (4)
CS G684 699 Master's Thesis in Computer Science/Thesis Continuation (4)
CS G711 Intensive Principles of Programming Languages (4)
CS G712 Intensive Computer Systems (4)
CS G713 Advanced Algorithms (4)
CS G714 Theory of Computation (4)
CS G719 Research Overview of Computer Science (1)
CS G720 Seminar in Artificial Intelligence (2)
CS G730 Seminar in Database Systems (2)
CS G740 Seminar in Graphics/Image Processing (2)
CS G750 Seminar in Computer Networks (2)
CS G752 Seminar in Computer Security (2)
CS G760 Seminar in Programming Languages (2)
CS G762 Seminar in Software Development (2)
CS G770 Seminar in Software Engineering (2)
CS G780 Seminar in Computer Systems (2)
CS G790 Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science (2)
CS G864 PhD Readings and Research in Computer Science (4)
CS G894 Ph. Thesis in Computer Science (4)
CS G899 PhD Thesis Continuation (4)