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Telephone Numbers

Administration: 617.373.2462
Graduate School: 617.373.8493

E-mail addresses

Undergraduate CS Program:
Undergraduate Admissions:

Graduate Program and Admissions:

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Carla Brodley, Professor and Dean
(617) 373-5204

Jay Aslam, Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty
(617) 373-8169

Agnes Chan, Associate Dean and Director of Graduate School
(617) 373-8493

Mark Erickson, Assistant Dean, Cooperative Education and Student Services
(617) 373-3458

Harriett Fell, Professor and Director of Information Science
(617) 373-2198

Doreen Hodgkin, Associate Dean, Administration and Student Affairs
(617) 373-5325

Richard Rasala, Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Studies
(617) 373-2206

Kirsten Gilbert, Assistant Dean,  Budget, Personnel and Research
(617) 373-8685

Bryan Lackaye, Associate Dean, Graduate Student Administration
(617) 373-8493



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College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University
440 Huntington Avenue
202 West Village H
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

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