CCIS Fellows

Overview 1 Fellows

Adam Wigmore


I’m Adam Wigmore and I’m a Middler in the BS in Computer Science undergraduate program. I have just finished my first co-op at Intuit in San Diego and had an incredible journey driving back across the country to Massachusetts. I’ve finished the non CS core requirements so feel free to ask advice not only for your computer science classes, but your other core classes too!  Northeastern has become my home and one of my favorite things to do here is to cheer on the Northeastern Men’s Hockey team. I urge you to go see a game with friends (bonus, it’s free!). I hope you all come to love being a husky as much as I do!

TL;DR I’mhere to help, GLHF and go Huskies!

Lahiru Dayananda

DayanandaI am a Computer Science Major origially from Sri Lanka. However, I grew up in Zambia. My interest in Computer Science began in high school when I took a Computer Science course, though I was already interested in technology before this. I’m currently going into my 3rd year at Northeastern and I just completed my 1st co-op at Brightcove this past June.



Charles Connell

ConnellI’m Charles, and I’m in my senior year at Northeastern. I’m from Bedford, MA, where I started playing with computers at age 3 and haven’t stopped since. While at CCIS, I’ve co-oped at Raytheon BBN, Goldman Sachs, and HubSpot. I’ve been hanging out on walls my whole life, but also appear in 3-D form when required.




Andrew Barba

BarbaMy name is Andrew and I am 3rd year Computer Science at Northeastern. I just finished my first Co-op at a small startup in Boston called “Happier”. During my time at Happier I worked with many different languages and systems to help build their native iOS and web app. In my free time, when I’m not coding, I love to snowboard, wander around Boston, hang out with friends and take frequent trips to Boloco. I have a passion for iOS development and have been two WWDC’s so if you ever feel like learning or hacking away at iOS related projects, feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to help out.

James Magnarelli

Magnarelli 1I’m a Junior CS major from Wilmington, MA. I’ve done two co-ops so far – at Intuit and Empirix – that helped me find a passion for work involving customer research and rapid iteration. I’m involved with ACM, NUHacks, and NULibertarians, and I’m a Sysadmin at ResNet. In my spare time, I like to explore the city, code (of course,) and read. My favorite restaurant in the city is probably Neptune Oyster or Union Oyster House.


Kyle Maguire

MaguireI’m a Computer Science & Digital Art major with a focus on web development. Just like my major, my passions are divided almost evenly between programming and art. I’ve cooped at the library here at Northeastern and I just finished a coop at Prod4Ever here in Boston doing some really cool web projects for clients like Bonnaroo, Def Jam, and Zach Braff. I love making websites, drawing, 3D modeling, making and playing video games, making movies, reading, running, and tons of other stuff. I love making new friends so don’t hesitate to reach out to me whether you have a question about school or just want to talk about Game of Thrones.

Dan Calacci

CalacciI’m Dan Calacci, a Computer Science and Sociology student from New Jersey. I’m particularly interested in computational social science, robotics, and gender studies. I’m also strongly political and consider myself a progressive and a feminist. I’m a vegetarian, I like to cook, and I’ve worked as a preschool teacher. I’ve tutored Fundies 1, and I did my first co-op with a defense contractor in Arlington, Virginia, where I worked on a software system to manage robotic boats designed to track submarines. I like good espresso, breakfast food, and pugs.


Overview 2 Fellows

Alexandra Williams

WilliamsMy name is Alexandra Williams and I am a fourth year student at Northeastern University. I am studying Information Science and Business Administration with Marketing and Entrepreneurship concentrations.  I have completed two co-ops: My first at Winslow Technology Group, an IT resale company located in Back Bay, and the second in Manhattan, in Adobe’s Digital Marketing department.   This fall semester I will be back on campus and taking classes.  On campus I am involved in Greek Life, Active Minds, Husky Ambassadors, and CISters.  I am the director of Mental Health Awareness Week and the co-founder of an Information Services initiative called Northeastern Create. I am happy to be a resource if you have any questions or concerns, and I look forward to meeting everyone in Overview 2!

Eric Chin

ChinHello!  I’m Eric, a senior computer science major.  Originally from Texas, I enjoy bacon and barbeque, but not enough to keep me migrating north!  I love the winter and snowy seasons, a nice cup of coffee, and a good book.  In my spare time, I enjoy running, climbing, and hiking, but also spend some time refining my (lacking) culinary skills.  I’ve spent three coops researching and programming for the federal government, and have broad interests in computer science, ranging from algorithm design and machine learning to networking and computer security.Daniel Moreh

Daniel Moreh

MorehHey there, I’m Daniel. I’m a fourth-year CS major from the suburbs of Los Angeles, and I like to make iOS apps.

I’ve co-op’d at Intuit in San Diego working on TurboTax for iPad, and HubSpot in Cambridge working on the HubSpot iPhone app. Both of those were great experiences. I also make apps on the side for fun — check out “LipHuggr” in the App Store, it puts a mustache on your face in realtime!

In my free time, I like to play ping pong, frisbee, and basketball. And make iOS apps.

Richard Fickling

FicklingHi, I’m Richard! I’m a fourth-year student at NEU, and I’ve done co-ops in digital forensics and backend web dev, which has given me experience in myriad languages and technologies. Alongside Daniel Moreh, I have participated in a couple of hackathons building mobile applications. Outside of class, I spend much of my free time outdoors – hiking, bicycling, running, and otherwise exploring the world. This summer I found a way to combine my passions, by cycling from Portland, OR to Tijuana, programming along the way. I’m always eager to share stories and knowledge with others, and look forward to being a helpful resource for the incoming class of 2018.