Own Job Search

For those seeking their own co-op jobs outside of COOL:

  • Determine location and area(s) in which you are interested in working. Connect with your Co-op Faculty Coordinator to see if we have alumni in the area or any other connections. Once you have made contact with a company, your Co-op Faculty Coordinator will be happy to connect with your contact to explain the co-op process.
  • Find names of companies in the area using:
    • Department of Career Development
    • Websites like Indeed.com, LinkedIn, glassdoor.com, dice.com
  • Once you find a position you are interested in:
    • Draft a cover letter.
    • Proofread resume.
    • Follow the application instructions and apply.
  • Your Co-op Faculty Coordinator can proofread all cover letters and resume drafts.

Positions outside of the co-op database must be approved by your Co-op Faculty Coordinator. Be prepared to provide a job description and supervisor information.