Job Description Document

It is a very competitive job market for students. Students are in high demand and have many job options. You will want to attract the students who are a fit for your job/organization and your first chance to do that is with your job description. It pays off in the long run to take the time out front needed to write a compelling job description.

The first step to writing a job description is defining your business needs and identifying how the co-op student will contribute to your organization. Make a list of all the aspects of the job. Think about projects, timelines, planning, processes, required skill sets, reporting, communications, managing. Try to identify projects that will be interesting and exciting. You will then want to take all of these ideas and develop them into a set of key responsibilities. Rank them roughly in order of priority. As you write the job description, include a paragraph describing your company which can be used as a company profile. Include information describing your particular team, work group, and/or department. Be as comprehensive as you can while describing the actual job responsibilities (special projects, daily tasks), requirements, and desired skill sets. Use action verbs to describe the job responsibilities. Words like “work” are too vague and do not provide the information a student will need to decide if the position you post is not only of interest to them but one which they have the skills to perform. Share this document with your manager, co-worker(s), and/or human resources and edit as needed. Lastly, double check that everything listed is both important and achievable.

Strengthen your job description by including aspects that are important to students. Some of these aspects might include:

  • Examples of opportunities to further student learning and ways to become part of your company’s team
  • Technologies to which the student will be exposed
  • Information on the working conditions including work hours and opportunities for flex time, where available
  • Examples as to how the student will have ownership for the assigned work and be recognized for the work completed
  • Information about how the job may be tailored to utilize the student’s skill sets where customization is possible
  • Information on how the student will be mentored and evaluated
  • Opportunities for the student to be creative and provide you with solutions to problems
  • Possible advancement opportunities for the current co-op position, as well as future co-op and/or full time options

Once you submit the job description, it is posted to an internal student job database. You have an opportunity to use this description as a marketing hook. Keep in mind that your job description will be the first exposure the student has to your organization. The students will want to know what is new, leading edge, innovative, and creative, on the technical side within your organization and how they will be a part of a team to meet the business goals.

Please also keep in mind that with the high cost of gasoline, students will want to have transportation information. Are you MBTA assessable? Will you reimburse or subsidize public transportation costs? Do you have a shuttle service? If a car is required, do you reimburse or provide a stipend for travel?

Included below are some excerpts from job descriptions submitted by some of our co-op partners. These descriptions have been reworked slightly to maintain the confidentiality of each of our partners willing to share their work with you. Please keep in mind that these excerpts are meant to give you some ideas as you begin to craft your own unique job description. Good luck and please do not hesitate to contact the CCIS Co-op Team should you need further assistance.

Sample Job Descriptions


We are a consulting firm dedicated to helping its clients achieve business objectives through innovative methods and effective use of technology. By blending strategic business skills, technology know-how, implementation expertise, and a collaborative approach we help our clients drive efficiencies, improve information sharing, and build sustainable systems efficiently.

We work with clients ranging from e-commerce/retail, media, healthcare all on very different projects. The projects are typically intended to design and build their next generation system(s). Your role will vary greatly depending on the client and the phase of the project, but in general will be to help design, develop, test and deploy an application.

We look for a person who demonstrates flexibility and interest in doing a variety of tasks throughout the project lifecycle. This person must be able to work as a well-integrated member of a small team with a common goal to solve a client’s business problem. COOP team members will be able to assume as much responsibility as they can handle and along the way have fun and improve their foosball skills dramatically!

The technologies used on a project vary from client to client. Because each project is different, we are less interested in experience with any one particular programming language, and more interested in a student’s ability to learn new technologies quickly and apply what they know from any past experience.

Typical Technologies:

  • Proficient in one or more technologies, including but not limited to JavaScript, Java, ASP/ASP.NET, HTML, Endeca, J2EE, C, C#, C++, Java, VB.Net; ASP, ASP.Net, JSP; HTML, XML; VBScript; Perl, Python, and/or TCL experience desired
  • Proficient in one or more packages, including but not limited to SQLServer, Endeca, Oracle and/or WebSphere. Basic-proficient in Object Oriented Design techniques
  • Junior Software Engineer

The Junior Software Engineer helps to design, develop and deploy our software products. Under the direction of the Senior Software Engineer and Project Leaders, he or she shows initiative in tackling design problems, helping to implement new solutions, and supporting the development cycle. Responsibilities across projects include assisting with the design process, building and maintaining development tools, assisting with the creation of test plans and technology research.


  • Participate in the full lifecycle development of existing software and new products
  • Actively participate in hands-on software implementation and testing for all software products
  • Provide constant feedback to Project Leaders, Senior Engineers and Quality Assurance, while adhering to the necessarily deadlines of a fast-paced startup environment
  • Help build and maintain our library of tools, scripts and other engineering-related properties.
  • Participate in hands-on software implementation and testing for all software
  • Work in collaboration with Project Leaders, Quality Assurance and other departments to ensure the quality of the software products and components created throughout the complete development lifecycle
  • Analysis, programming, integration, unit-test and debugging and modification of new and existing software
  • Designing, developing and maintaining user interfaces and adding new functionality to existing applications


Ideal candidates will demonstrate successful experience with the responsibilities detailed above, and will possess many if not all of the following important traits:

  • Bachelors degree candidate with one co-op placement under your belt
  • Strong problem solving ability
  • Java/JSP/Struts experience (JavaScript, and HTML/DHTML a plus)
  • SQL/Database experience (experience with PostgreSQL a plus)
  • Experience delivering production-quality code in Java a plus
  • Experience programming production-quality code in Java and JSP a plus
  • Programming experience with Web service architectures as well as supporting and implementing business objects/logic
  • Programming experience in JavaScript, and XML
  • At least user-level Linux experience; admin level experience a plus
  • work independently while cooperating with the overall team
  • Flexible, adaptable to changing priorities, and self-directed
  • Focus, energy and enthusiasm for creating high-quality software products
  • Operate well in the intense, fast-paced environment of a young, fast-growing company
  • Possess strong written and spoken communication skills including demonstrated abilities for technical documentation
  • Demonstrate excellent organization, planning and time management for accurate, high-quality and on-time deliverables

Applications Engineer

We are seeking a qualified co-op candidate to work on application development projects. The co-op student will work on projects which include:

  • Serving as the lead developer for the firm’s intranet application.
  • Working with the firm’s Application Engineer to develop custom applications using
  • .NET technologies and the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment.
  • Learning about and assisting with developing automated business processes using
  • Metastorm’s E-Work, the firm’s Business Process Management application.
  • Using VB Script, WSH, and PowerShell to develop administrative and management
  • scripts to assist in the management of the firm’s IT infrastructure.
  • Creating documentation and contributing to the firm’s knowledge base using Atlassian’s
  • Confluence, and enterprise WIKI application.

In addition to these specific projects, the co-op student will be a member of the firm’s technology team, which provides support to the all of the professional and support staff on site. As part of the team, the co-op student will learn about and assist with network and storage management, application support, and other technical issues faced by the team on a day-to-day basis. The ideal candidate for this position will be a Computer Science major with knowledge of, and
experience with, object oriented programming and application development in a Windows environment. Experience with web technologies (HTML, CSS, ASP, etc.) is also necessary for this position, with some understanding of Microsoft Sharepoint strongly preferred. Candidates should also have an understanding of relational database design and, preferably, SQL.

Preference will be given to candidates who exhibit a broad understanding of technology, including basic knowledge of computer networking, the Windows operating system, and standard desktop applications.

Qualified candidates must have the ability to work on multiple projects independently, be highly motivated, and committed to doing high-quality work. They should also be eager to learn. Finally, qualified candidates for this position must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills and be able to work as a member of a team in a fast-paced environment.

We are dedicated to being at the forefront of information technology and have a deep commitment to deploying technology for the benefit of our users and clients. As a member of our technology team, the co-op student will be working in a highly collaborative atmosphere alongside IT and Support professionals with years of experience, developing applications that directly affect all of our users.

Applications Analyst

The Center strives to further personalized medicine by integrating the various lab technologies – proteomics, expression profiling, genotyping, sequencing, and clinical molecular diagnostics – with information technology. The IT Team develops, maintains, and enhances LIMS (laboratory information management systems) software in the scientific laboratory environment as well as the enterprise infrastructure required to link laboratories together and facilitate the transition of breakthroughs “from the bench to the bedside.”

There is an opportunity for the internship candidate to assist in the collaborative work done by the center’s IT team and laboratory staff. A candidate that is knowledgeable in biology (specifically genetics / genomics) and wetlab skills will serve as a liaison between the two disciplines and thereby assist in the furthering of personalized medicine. Assignments / Projects are determined on an individual basis, taking into account the work being done by the IT team during the months of the internship as well as a candidate’s specific skills, background, and motivations. Some of our past interns, with their biology or biochem backgrounds, have played significant roles in helping the lab staff or geneticists / genetic counselors better utilize IT in their operations. Others have been more involved in the design, coding, testing, and deployment of software systems that contribute to the Center’s enterprise architecture. Past projects have included assisting in the design of a clinical case management system, supporting geneticists in their variant reporting workflow for clinical tests, investigating new lab testing platforms being introduced and their implications to the lab workflow, owning and updating the Center’s website, and development of software tools and the analysis of laboratory workflows applicable to the various instruments used in the Center.

Our approach is to look for candidates that exhibit (or have the potential for) certain characteristics that will enable them to operate in this rapidly-changing, emerging field. Lack of experience in one area or requirement can be viewed as a learning opportunity or be compensated with other strengths. We are a small team working on multiple tracks of work both independently as well as together. We value the candidate’s initiative, motivations, creativity, and attention to detail. We also value the ability to drive clarity out of ambiguity and recognize that people can do that in many ways, from different experiences and background.

Technical Support

This position is responsible for providing desktop and help desk support to PC users. Duties include installing, maintaining and upgrading PC related hardware/software, installation-support of business applications, supporting and setting up computer related loaner equipment. Additional responsibilities include performing inventory for desktop related equipment, documenting desktop procedures, and assisting when needed with technical projects.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (e.g., in order to be considered qualified to perform this position, the person must be able to perform the essential duties and responsibilities listed below): 1. Perform timely helpdesk duties to support all staff for desktop computing and office automation 2. Perform PC related hardware and software support including installation, configuration, and maintenance 3. Respond to end-user inquiries and provide 1st and 2nd level customer service for support requests 4. Maintain call logging & monitor call progress and ensure call & response descriptions are clear and accurate 5. Assist technical engineers with setup of loaner equipment for client demonstrations 6. Assist with desktop related upgrades when needed during normal hours and off-hours 7. Assist with maintaining PC related inventories 8. Assist technical engineers with researching on technical solutions prior to purchasing 9. Independently self-motivated and team work oriented 10. Perform a high level of customer service when assisting end-users on technical needs 11. Capable of multi-tasking and possess a strong aptitude for learning 12. Position requires good oral and written interpersonal communication skills 13. Other duties as required

Must be flexible to work occasional extended hours to perform technology upgrades. Must exhibit strong team work disciplines.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty listed above satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made in certain circumstances to enable individuals with qualified disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While the above is a description of the essential functions of the position, other duties, both related and unrelated to the above, may be assigned and therefore required. This job description is subject to change at the discretion of management, and every effort will be made, when possible, to communicate those changes to the associate.


Enrolled college student with personal or work related technical experience supporting Windows XP, Office 2003 with Outlook, anti-virus, remote access, hand-held devices, and computer related hardware. Knowledge of networking concepts required. Also work related experience with providing high level of customer service.

Technical Associate

As a Technical Associate co-op in our Professional Services group, you will work directly with our project teams to deliver solutions. You will be involved with projects from design through implementation, testing and customer sign-off. You will work independently or within a small technical team to evaluate enterprise customers web architecture and assist in the delivery of the appropriate solution. This includes, but is not limited to, working with Solution Architects to evaluate the customers’ content management and publishing processes, web application architecture, security requirements, DNS configurations, and generate detailed documentation for a custom solution that satisfies the customers’ business and technical requirements. You will develop and execute test cases and scripts for customer solutions; track and document status and time spent on customer integrations and participate in internal projects that help scale the group, implement best practices, and improving our methodology and quality of integrations.

What are we looking for?

  • MIS/CS students, either under-graduate or graduate.
  • Experience with J2EE or .NET applications – some coding experience a plus
  • Knowledge in one or more web development languages, methodologies, and / or architectures
  • Basic understanding of development methodologies, consulting best practices, and a general understanding of common web and application architectures.
  • Must be outgoing action oriented self starters – capable of independently solving technical problems
  • Strong communication skills – must be able to speak clearly and effectively to both technical and business audiences.

Performance Team Co-op

We are looking for Performance Team co-op students to handle the following:

  • Learn one or more component of an Oracle product that collects network data, and runs on Windows and Unix platforms.
  • Learn about what constrains the performance of the product, through discussions with developers, runtime analysis of the product, and potentially code investigation.
  • Work with development teams and product management to identify performance criteria.
  • Create and execute test plans to determine how well the product meets its performance goals.
  • Write up and deliver the performance results to company management.
  • Learn about test automation, and help automate the performance tests that are created.
  • Learn about performance modeling and the role it plays in performance analysis. Help develop and expand the team infrastructure, defining useful processes and specifications for performance work.
  • Work with developers and technical support to track down the root cause of performance problems in our products, through profiling, debugging, and monitoring.

Skills the co-op student will acquire experience in the following areas: Working with development, product management, and technical support on real world products Analyzing what makes a product run well or poorly. Writing formal test plan documents, executing them, and writing results summaries. Learning about test automation, and implementing test automation Learning about performance modeling techniques Identifying, defining, and implementing team infrastructure — utilities, process improvements, guides and manuals.

Java Software Developer


Are you looking for an exciting, startup opportunity in one of the fastest growing technology segments? Are you interested in developing cutting edge technology within an exciting team that has production software, paying customers and funding from a top level investment firm?

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you are the right person for this role. We are only looking for the best and the brightest with the right balance of skills and personality to become part of a first class team.

Job Description:

Within this exciting environment the successful candidate will have the opportunity to increase his/her skill and experience through work on a variety of innovative projects that, address problems of diverse scope. Responsibilities include the analysis, design, programming, debugging and modification of local, network or Internet-related computer programs for commercial or end user applications within these defined industries. Specific tasks will include writing code, complete programming, testing and debugging of applications using Java and current supporting technologies. The individual will also complete documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance. As a very customer-centric organization, the individual may be required to interface with our clients to define system requirements and/or necessary modifications.

Job Requirements:

  • Technical knowledge of software engineering
  • Java programming experience writing server and client/UI code
  • Specific Technologies that you will work with:
  • Swing
  • JDBC Mysql, HSQLDB, SQLServer, Oracle
  • J2EE, Asynchronous XML, web frameworks, Struts
  • Subversion (source control)
  • Windows
  • UNIX


Computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or related field or equivalent experience or working towards that goal

Qualifications, Job Requirements:

  • Technical knowledge of software engineering
  • Java programming experience writing server and client/UI code
  • Specific Technologies that you will work with:
  • Swing
  • JDBC Mysql, HSQLDB, SQLServer, Oracle
  • J2EE, Asynchronous XML, web frameworks, Struts
  • Subversion (source control)
  • Windows
  • UNIX


Computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or related field or equivalent experience or working towards that goal


AnalyticalSkills ProblemSolving Analysis Database Scripting WebRelated C/C++/Javaprogramming MarkupLanguage(e.g.,HTML) SoftwareDesignandDevelopment WebDesign Personal Qualities: AbilitytoMulti-task AbilitytoWorkalone DetailOriented Innovative TeachingAbility WorksWellwithOthers

Job Responsibilities:

Testing 25% Documentation 15% Programming 60%

Junior Developer

This position is in the Advanced Technology Group. This research lab consists of a small group of engineers working on multimedia technologies. The student
will be responsible for Java-based development for a full end-to-end multimedia processing system.

The ideal candidate has the ability to contribute to a large-scale software development process, to work well in a dynamic and fun group, and to work independently and productively.


  • Java
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • HTML
  • MySQL
  • JUnit
  • JavaScript


  • Java experience
  • CS fundamentals (data structures, algorithms)
  • Experience with working with a group for design, planning and development


  • Interest in natural language and digitial video processing
  • Web UI technology experience
  • Java Des experience(EG Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea)
  • Build systems
  • Experience with code review processes
  • Experience executing and maintaining test plans