Graduate Students

Cooperative education is one of Northeastern University’s most unique opportunities, allowing graduate students to gain full-time professional experience and academic learning concurrently.

General Information

Cooperative (co-op) education opportunities are available for fulltime Master degree candidates in Computer Science, Information Assurance and Health Informatics. Graduate students who participate in our co-op program are involved in extensive preparation, activity, and reflection.

The goal of the co-op program is to provide students with educational opportunities which enhance their classroom learning and allow students to strengthen and/or develop their technical skills through a structured series of activities. With this purpose in mind, our belief is that students who are able to participate in at least a 6 month or longer work experience will have a better opportunity to obtain and develop stronger professional skills. Our experience is that students do not acquire all these benefits in short term assignments.  Although students may choose to experience a 4 month summer internship, our primary focus is to work with students and employers to obtain 6 – 8 month cooperative education assignments.

Students experiencing co-op or internships, work at their jobs on a fulltime basis. Part-time work is not approved.