Grade Requirements

Dear Students,

We want to share some important updates regarding the five mandatory steps to complete in order to receive an “S” grade for co-op.

These are:

1. Complete final agreement form.

2. Complete goal setting form (to be required)

3. Attend a reflection session and/or combined

reflection meeting.

4. Complete a student evaluation.

5. Your manager completes an employer evaluation.

6. Complete an online Reflection Report.


Reflection meetings will be held when you return to campus. Stay-tuned for upcoming dates and locations.


The University has implemented new versions of the Employer Evaluation and Student Evaluation based on feedback from employers, students and university administration. Here is how you should proceed for both:

Student Evaluation: Log into COOL. Click on “My Placements and Evaluations.” You will find two new features:

1. Student Evaluation: Mandatory. Click on the tab “Evaluations.” Find your current co-op placement, and click “Begin.” You can now complete your co-op evaluation.

2. Rate for Students: Optional. You can now give feedback on your current co-op assignment which will provide future co-op students with additional information not provided in the job description. To start, simply click on the gold star next to your co-op placement. Then rate your co-op assignment with the star system and provide your comments. Please remember that these comments will be read by all students searching through COOL.

Employer Evaluation:

By now, you should received contact from the Central Co-op Office which called for you to confirm your supervisor’s email address. This is phase 1 of the Employer Evaluation process. Once you confirm your supervisor’s email address, an email will be sent to them directly which will provide instructions on how to proceed in filling out the evaluation. You will be able to read this evaluation on COOL once it’s complete. We also advise you to go over the completed evaluation with your supervisor directly. If you have not received the initial outreach email from the Central Co-op Office, please contact your Co-op Advisor directly.

**ON-LINE REFLECTION REPORTS (smfl 2010 students use MyNEU COOL):

Please follow the steps below to complete your reflection report.

>Open the link to Survey Monkey Webpage in Firefox:

>Fill out all sections of the form completely

Before Submitting!

>Click File, Print Preview

>From the preview window select the Print option

>Set Printer Name to: cutePDF Writer

>Hit OK at the bottom of the window

>When the SAVE AS window appears name your file and save it to your FlashDrive or storage device

Now Go Back to the Survey Window

>Hit Done

We look forward to hearing about your co-ops. See you back on campus!

The Co-op Team