Upcoming Referrals

After preparation and the required meetings, it begins: the job search. The Co-op Faculty will email (“refer”) your resume to any jobs that you sign up for in the My NEU COOL database, as long as you complete all necessary co-op preparation steps. Deadlines and referral dates are listed below.

How the referral process works:

• Each semester, the referral cycle will “kick off” with the Co-Opportunities Expo.

• Shortly afterward, students who have been cleared may begin signing up for the Primary Referral. We will send out those resumes on the dates listed below.

• Employers will have approximately 2 weeks after the Primary Referral to interview students and make offers. Students may accept an offer at any time during this 2-week period, but ultimately they must make a decision by the end of this consideration period (see “decide by” date below).

• The process will be similar for the Late Referrals, except that employers may make offers at any time, and students must respond within the time that the employer asks — or 3 business days, whichever is shorter.

• After the Late Referral, we will send out resumes on a to be determined basis, as companies continue to express interest and as students remain available.