First Formal

The First Formal Interview is an opportunity for you to practice and hone your interviewing skills and professional presentation. It is also your first opportunity to discuss co-op plans with your Co-op Faculty Coordinator in an individual session.

Before the meeting:

  • Complete, or come near completing, Co-op Preparation Course (CS1210 for Freshmen CS1220 for transfer students) before scheduling your interview. You must have a technical resume, a cover letter, and the co-op quiz completed before this interview.
  • Visit the My NEU Website to schedule a meeting at
    • Log-in to
    • Click on the Experiential-Learning/Co-op tab
    • Under “Co-op” on the left-hand side, click on “Appointment Calendar”
    • Search by college – we can be found under “Co-op/Computer & Information Science”
    • Click on the name of your Co-op Faculty Coordinator and schedule 2 fifteen minute appointments back-to-back.
  • Enter My NEU COOL. In the My Documents/Portfolio section, use the resume upload feature in “My Documents” to store your current resume in the database. In the Profile section, fill out the information in the “About You” area.
  • Prepare FORMAL BUSINESS ATTIRE. For men: two-piece suit, tie, shined shoes. For women: two-piece suit (dress or pants), blouse, shined shoes.
  • Bring with you to the interview:
    • A paper version of the resume you uploaded into COOL
    • Your transcript (note: you must have a passing grade in CS 1200 or CS 1220)
    • Complete the Co-op Quiz, download at:
    • Verification of citizenship (original birth certificate or notarized copy, passport, or two forms of government ID [e.g., drivers’ license AND social security card]

At the interview:

  • Treat the entire meeting as a practice interview. Your faculty coordinator will evaluate and critique your appearance, articulation, demeanor, and overall “interview persona”.
  • You MUST dress in formal business attire for this interview. You will not be permitted to do the interview without it.
  • Your resume SHOULD NOT be a Microsoft Word template (or the COOL template). These are inappropriate for a computer science job search.

After the interview:

  • Revise your resume as your Co-op Coordinator suggested, and upload the new resume as a .doc (click “For Review”) and .pdf (don’t click “For Review”) file into COOL.