Final Clearance


In order to be “cleared” for co-op, you must meet all minimum standards (3.0 overall QPA, 3.2 overall after only one semester, an approved co-op appropriate resume, etc.). If anything is missing, you will not be cleared. Complete the First Formal Interview and attend a Seeking New Assignments Meeting. The resume is often the “sticking point” in the Final Clearance meeting. For best results, update your resume and have it critiqued before Final Clearance. This will ensure that the clearance meeting will go smoothly and quickly.

Make an appointment for your clearance.

  • Log-in to
  • Click on the Experiential-Learning/Co-op tab.
  • Under “Co-op” on the left-hand side, click on “Appointment Calendar”.
  • Search by college – we can be found under “Co-op/Computer & Info Science”.
  • Click on the name of your assigned Co-op Faculty Coordinator. (This cannot be done the day of the meeting; it must be done at least 24 hours before. Walk in hours may also be available.)

Enter My NEU COOL. In the Documents section, use the resume upload feature in “My Documents” to store your current resume in the database. Make sure that the correct resume is listed as the default. We recommend eliminating old resumes to avoid confusion.

Think about your goals for the next co-op, the kinds of positions you seek, and your geographic location preferences. Could you get access to a car if you really needed it?

Be prepared to discuss these with your coordinator.

Bring with you to the meeting:

  • A paper version of the resume you uploaded into COOL.
  • Your old resume, which was critiqued during the First Formal Interview if this is your first co-op.
  • Any materials you did not have verified at your First Formal Interview (i.e., citizenship documentation).
  • Your ideas on the types of positions you seek and the geographic locations.

After the meeting

Check on Cool to make sure that you can see job postings and check to make sure that your default resume is the one you really want sent. Don’t wait until resume deadline.