With over 100 years of experience connecting students and employers, Northeastern’s Cooperative Education program allows students to alternate periods of academic study with periods of employment in their desired career field. This program simultaneously provides companies with a source of talented and motivated students to join their workforce.

Our Co-op program (short for “cooperative education”) is one of the largest and most innovative in the world.  Our method has proven to be a success: Nearly two-thirds of our graduates are offered full-time positions by former co-op employers upon graduation.

Through Co-op, students gain a richer and more meaningful education by gaining up to 18 months of professional experience.  It provides experiences that help develop knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence to transform students’ lives.

Student participation in Co-op provides enhanced:

  • Maturity, responsibility and self knowledge
  • Technical expertise
  • Occupational information
  • Job seeking and job success skills
  • Network of contacts in desired career paths

Employers have long recognized the potential of a Co-op partnership with us. Our Co-op program offers a source of educated young men and women who can help meet human resource needs, both as co-ops and as potential full-time employees, after they graduate.

Employer advantages of a co-op partnership are:

  • A pipeline to potential employees
  • A simple cost-effective way to meet human resource needs. Students are paid a salary but do not require expensive benefits, such as health insurance
  • Six-month Co-op periods that allow students to spend time working, not just training
  • The chance to create flexible work environments that free current employees to take on special projects or ‘hard to get to” tasks, while co-op students take on recurring work
  • Exposure to the developing talent, enthusiasm, fresh perspective, and energy of young people eager to learn

Northeastern’s Co-op program is based on a unique educational strategy that recognizes that classroom learning only provides some of the skills students will need to succeed in their professional lives. Our administration, faculty and staff are dedicated to the university’s mission to “educate students for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.” Co-op is closely integrated with our course curriculum, our scheduling, and our advising system. The team of Co-op Coordinators within the College of Computer and Information Science provides support for students in preparing for and succeeding on their Co-ops.

These multiple connections make Co-op at Northeastern an avenue to intellectual and personal growth: adding depth to classroom studies, providing exposure to career paths and opportunities, and developing in students a deeper understanding that leads to success in today’s world.